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8 Hide Octo Lambskin Rug

Our Extra Large OZwool Octo sized Lambskin rugs are made by stitching together 8 uniformed unshorn sheepskin pelts end-to-end and side-to-side. Unshorn sheepskin is called Lambskin. These sheepskin shearling area rugs are Extra Large at approximately 280cm (9ft 2”) wide x 205cm (6ft 10”) in length and add longwool plush comfort and warmth to any room.
Made here in Australia by us, as you order, from matched skins. We make them larger so you get the added comfort.
Our Natural Australian Longwool Sheepskin is dyed Black to give a consistent colour and these are definitely the largest and softest available. Natural Shaped Pure lambskin rugs offer comfort. They are very versatile and look equally at home in a lounge room,  as well as in the bedroom or on a lounge. Washable and long-lasting, these genuine Lambskin rugs are a magnificent addition to any home.
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