What is a medical sheepskin?

What is an Australian medical sheepskin?

Medical Sheepskins are natural products that are used to prevent and deal with bedsores, pressure sores and decubitus ulcers. Medical sheepskin handles the pain and secures those confined to bed. There are 3 grades of Australian Medical sheepskins.

  • AS4480.1 – the top of the range with superior support levels. This is an un-ironed wool pile sheepskin meaning that the natural wool pile still has the natural crimp curl. Available in the Australian Tanned Eco Friendly Natural colour or the traditional Green Colour. This is made to the Australian Standard which was developed by CSIRO in 1988. This offers the best support of any sheepskin.
  • The High Temperature Washable Green Medical sheepskin. This undergoes the same process as the AS4480.1 option but the wool pile is ironed straight, giving it a glossy shiny look.
  • The Regular Temperature washable Cream Medical comfort sheepskin. A creamy coloured sheepskin selected for its higher wool density. The wool pile on this item is ironed straight, giving it a glossy shiny look.

Is sheepskin utilised in hospitals?

Medical Sheepskins Are Natural Products That Are Used To Prevent And Deal With Bedsores, Pressure Sores And Decubitus Ulcers. Medical Sheepskin Handles The Pain And Secures Those Confined To Bed. There Are 3 Grades Of Australian Medical Sheepskins.

Australian Medical Sheepskin is utilised worldwide in hospitals, NDIS, Aged Care homes and at home. Of the 3 grades of Medical Sheepskin. The Top 2 are often used in hospitals as they can handle the rigourous High temperature hospital laundry system. These 2 options are the AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin and the Australian High Temperature washable Medical Sheepskin.

At OZwool we supply medical sheepskin to the who ‘s who of medical facility’s. These include; NSW Health, TAC, Epsworth Hospital Chain, South Australia Health, NDIS, Royal Brisbane Hospital, and More. Each Hospital has it’s own prefered medical sheepskin but most do prefer the better quality AS4480.1, with many prefering the Australian Made Natural colour AS4480.1 Medical Sheepskin

End User purchasers preference is mixed as it depends on the buyers budget.

Gold Standard

One thing to watch is what marketers call the Gold Standard of Medical Sheepskin. This is the Cream (or sometimes called Gold) coloured Regular temperature of medical sheepskin. It is the bottom of the range in terms of support and washability but is a good start for someone looking to not get pressure sores bedsores and decubitus ulcers..

Is sheepskin helpful for pressure sores?

Medical Sheepskin Padding Medical seat pads made from sheepskin are great and hypoallergenic at removing pressure sores also. Put these anywhere a patient needs to sit such as an office chair, Bed, lounge or chair seat for the finest outcomes. Sheepskin bed pads are utilised with beds where the client will be resting.

Prevention of pressure sores is the best aim. It is far easier to prevent a pressure sore than it is to recover from them.

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